Recommended Resources


Sources for Food Security News & Analysis


IFPRI Food Security Portal


Chicago Council - Global Food for Thought


Chicago Council - Global Food Security Symposium


Meridian Institute AGree News Feed (US-Focused)


Periodic Food Security Assessments


Global Food Security Index - Economist Intelligence Unit. May 2015.


World Food Programme. Global Food Security Update: Tracking Food Security Trends in Vulnerable Countries. Issue 12, October 2015.




"7 Projects Make Progress on Ethics and Global Food Security in 5 Years" Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. May 2015


Bajo, Claudia Sanchez. "Cooperatives and Food Security." University of Winnipeg, January 2014. Slides 10-12. PowerPoint Presentation.


Climate Change: A Risk Assessment (Center for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge, 2015)


Food System Shock: The Insurance Impacts of Acute Disruption to Global Food Supply. (Lloyds Emerging Risk Report, 2015.)


A Framework for Assessing Effects of the Food System. U.S. Institute of Medicine & National Research Council. 2015.


Mary Robinson Foundation. "The Gender Dimensions of Food and Nutrition Security in the Context of Climate Change in Uganda." 2nd ed. July 2013.


Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 2. Knowledge Platform. United Nations.


United Nations Environment Programme, International Resource Panel. "Assessing Global Land Use: Balancing Consumption with Sustainable Supply." January 2014.


Other Initiatives of Note


Center for American Progress. "Climate-Migration-Security: Complex Scenarios in the 21st Century"


International Summit of Cooperatives - 2016


Food Chain Reaction - A Global Food Security Game